The Search Bar

Using Sales Layer


One of the most useful tools in Sales Layer is the search bar. As Sales Layer can handle around two million references, it’s crucial that you are able to filter easily, as well as having a labeling system that is both agile and simple.

Sales Layer allows you to search through your product catalogue in multiple ways. If, for example, we search for "red", Sales Layer will search for “red” in every field of every product; this means we might get back some results we are not interested in. To improve on this, we can set it so that Sales Layer should only look for red in one specific field, for example the colour field.


To do this you start by typing field: at which point Sales Layer will automatically display all the fields you have available to choose from, select the colour field, type another colon, add the word “red”, and press enter. Sales Layer will then display any products that have the word red in their colour field. Be aware that this will also return products whose colour value contains the word “red”. If you would like to return just those products whose colour field is exactly “red”, then instead of a colon, you can use an equals sign (=).

As well as using Field:the search bar also supports a number of other options. By clicking on the small arrow on the right hand side, you can reveal a dropdown box that offers tips, as well as displaying a number of shortcuts for some default searches such as products with/without variants, or those which do/don’t belong to categories. By clicking on More Info, it is possible to access a page with more information on that.

More info Search Bar

It’s also possible to search using multiple criteria at once, by separating them with spaces.

field:color:red field:name:shirt

You can fine tune your searches further by choosing to include or exclude certain criteria using the + and - signs.

Advanced searching
Advanced searching

For example, in the above search we are choosing to show those products which have red and blue in their colour field, but do not contain the word “contrasting” in their name field. We can also search based on when a product was last modified:

select: modified yesterday
select: modified Tuesday
select: modified 2018-08-12
select: modified> -”5 months"
select: modified>"30 december 2017"
select: created > "20 october 2019"
select: created > Today

Finally, you can also find the search bar in other places in Sales Layer: such as in categories, variants, workflows, and channels, where it can be used to create a channel that only exports content based on specific search criteria.

Advanced searching when creating a connector
Advanced searching when creating a connector
Advanced searching when creating a connector
Advanced searching when creating a connector