Bulk Actions


In Sales Layer it’s possible to perform bulk actions on several products at the same time. However, unless you want to apply the action to all of your products, you should first select the products you want to modify. Everything that we learnt before in the previous sections on the search bar and tags can be used to do this. We can filter our content by applying tags, performing searches  or even just selecting items individually using the green tick boxes.

 Searching for products which have the word “Red” in their colour field
 Searching for products which have the word “Red” in their colour field

We could for example search for those products which contain “Red” in their colour field. From here, we can limit the selection of items to perform the bulk action or by ticking just those desired items.

Once this is done, we go to Actions and click on Modify in bulk

The Modify in Bulk action from the Actions menu
The Modify in Bulk action from the Actions menu

Once we click on Modify in bulk, we can undertake several types of modifications: 

  • Value modifications: to change a field of the chosen products to a certain value:
  • Search and replace: to change the content quickly and in bulk by conveniently replacing the information we want to change.
  • Apply a formula: the formulas are used for more complex tasks and are the same as in the connectors section, which is where we will show you some of the most common ones. As an example, we can apply a formula to increase the content of the Price field by 10%.
The pop-up box for performing bulk modifications on products.
Using a formula on the price field to update three items at once
  • Disregard empty fields or activate disregarded fields: thanks to this option, you can void the fields that you will not need to have filled in at the moment, doing so in bulk. We can undo that decision whenever we want thanks to the option to activate the fields again. To do this, we must select the fields that we want to void or activate, in accordance with our needs.

A final nuance: we have performed a bulk action on a selection, but if we had done the action without filtering anything (without applying any tag, search, or other filtering mechanism) the bulk action would be applied to the entire contents of the product table.