Using Sales Layer

Pattern Validations

This type of validation allows you to define a specific pattern or regular expression to control the content in a specific field of short or long text type.

Field Validations

The purpose of this functionality is to be able to validate the content of a field and mark it as erroneous if not respecting a specific rule.

Unused Fields in a Form

Find out hot to manage unused fields of your iteme which are inside a form of a corresponding family.

Unused Fields outside the Form

You can import fields into Sales Layer and choose to leave them outside the form. Here you can check how to do it and the main differences.

Recommendations for the use of the Platform

The actions that may directly affect your work in Sales Layer: by making good use of the platform, you will be able to get the most out of the PIM and avoid mistakes that could waste time and money.

Recommendations for Project Management

In this section, we will show you how to use your Sales Layer account correctly to ensure it works optimally and to get the most out of your PIM without complications.

Performance Factors

There are various technical aspects that have an effect on the performance of your account on Sales Layer and the processes related with it, such as ecommerce synchronizations and content exportations.

The Search Bar

One of the most useful tools in Sales Layer is the search bar. As Sales Layer can handle around two million references, it’s crucial that you are able to filter easily, as well as having a labeling system that is both agile and simple.

Forms in Sales Layer

In Sales Layer, the principal way we control the information we store on our products is via Forms. Learn how it works.

Bulk Actions

In Sales Layer it’s possible to perform bulk actions on several products at the same time. Learn how it works.

Families in Sales Layer

In Sales Layer we use the term Families to refer to the different types of forms that a company might use to manage its products.

Managing Users

In Sales Layer, depending on the configuration of your account, it’s possible to not only have more than one user, but to also grant different account privileges for each user. Learn how it works.

Quality Report (and not applicable field)

One of the keys to success when it comes to selling your products in different marketplaces is the quality of the product information. To help with this, Sales Layer gives each item a Quality Score.

Field Types

When it comes to storing data in Sales Layer, it’s possible to specify different types for each of the different fields you wish to store. By choosing the appropriate field type for each of your fields, you are helping Sales Layer to manage your data more effectively.

Locking Fields

Sales layer offers several ways to protect a field, avoiding unwanted modifications. Something to keep in mind when there is more than one user working on the same account.

Adding Languages and Editing Fields

It’s possible to work with multi-language fields in Sales Layer, these allow you to take a piece of data such as a Product’s Name and group the different languages together in the same field.