Fields let you administer different product information in an organized way. Now we are going to detail the types of fields (with functions and examples) that the current version of Sales Layer manages.

  • Short Text: For texts under 250 characters (enriched text edition not allowed).
  • Long Text: For long texts over 250 characters (enriched text edition allowed).
  • Number (No.): For numerical content.
  • Yes/No: For boolean content (0/1).
  • Image Reference: For images (see Image Configuration below).
  • File Reference: For files (see File Configuration below).
  • Web Link: For any web link or external content, such as other websites, videos or even images or files that you don’t want to store on Sales Layer.
  • Date: For date fields.
  • Related Items: To relate to other products or items in Sales Layer.

The Sales Layer system is based on three tables: sections, products and formats. Now we will focus on the products table, which only has one table.

The database is located inside the system, but the user only sees the interface, which shows what is being stored inside the database. But, as it only exists one table for products, this table could show up to 1.000 fields (price, size, weight, multilanguage description…) Sometimes not all fields are required for each family of products: for example, a jewel is not the same thing as a shoe, and as for the jewel you will need the ‘karat’ field, for shoes you will use the ‘shoe size’ field. With this potential we could prepare different product sheets.

In order to add new fields in a product sheet, you need to click on the Actions Menu, and then from the actions dropdown select Redesign Form.

Now you can add or delete a field.

Be careful: there are some fields that exist in the database, but that are not being used in every family of products. That’s the difference between create a new field and add a field that wasn’t being used for a specific family. If you click on a preexisting field, you will not be creating it, but just making it visible in the product sheet.

If you want to create a new field, open the product sheet and click on the Actions menu and from the actions dropdown select Redesign Form. At the bottom of the sheet the possibility of adding new field is shown. If you click on this option, the fields list will be unfolded and you should ignore the fields that are not being used for this family of products and just create a new one.

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