Field Types: Related Items and Sales Material Table


The Related Items field allows you to create links between items using references, and can link products regardless of whether the items are from the same table or not. If you would like to create relationships between your products after you have imported them you need to create one of these fields, this can be done by choosing Edit Forms > Add New Field and choosing the Related Items option. It’s very important to Configure your Related Items fields so that you specify which table you would like the related item to come from (Products, Categories, Variants, etc). 

As well as relating items from Products, Categories, Variants it's also possible to establish links with items from Points of Sale or Sales Material.

Remember, as we mentioned previously, Sales Material is used to store information which is not strictly product data, or which could be reused for multiple products. Take for example a charger which could be used with various different mobile phones. You would have the specifications of the charger, its images, perhaps its user manual. Then instead of copying this information for each mobile it was compatible with, you simply create a field for the mobile Products and relate the items.

To create a folder in the Sales Material section:

  • Click on Sales Material from the main menu.
  • Click on the Create Folder option.
  • Enter a name for your new folder.
  • From here you can start adding new items in the same way you did with Products or Categories.

Once the table is created, if we return to the configuration of the related field, by clicking Configure, we can already establish a relationship with the brand new Sales Material table.

To conclude, when you take the information from a table in a connector (for example, products), the related item field will show the internal reference that connects that product to another table (following the previous example, from Product you will get the reference of a sales material table). Instead of that reference, if you want to extract another field from that table (such as the name or description) you will have to use the Replace From Table formula, as explained in another section.

Establishing a relationship with a Sales Material Table.
Establishing a relationship with a Sales Material Table.