Sales Layer Menu and Dashboard


Welcome to Sales Layer! In the image below you can see the main Dashboard, this is what you'll see when you first log in. From here you can see an overview of your account, review the type of support and services you’ve chosen, as well as review your consumption and recent activity.

1.1 The Sales Layer Dashboard
The Sales Layer Dashboard​​​​

On the left hand side you have the main menu, from here you can create categories, your list of products or variants.

It’s worth pointing out that the Variants option is not currently visible in the main menu; this is due to one of Sales Layer’s key philosophies: “simplicity”. Because of this, Variants, along with some other options, only become visible when you start using them. We will show you how to access them later on in the section on Variants. As well as the information related to your products, you also have the option, if you require it, to create a list of physical stores in Points of sale. This allows you to manage their information using Sales Layer.

As well there is also a section called Sales Material where you can store any items that don't belong in Products or Variants. These items can then be related back to your products or variants. This is also covered in further detail in an upcoming section.

Below this we have: Quality report - a useful tool for analysing how complete your product information is, Channels - which, as we will explain later, are a key part of Sales Layer that controls the input and output of your products’ data, and Translations - where you can see pending translations and add additional languages to your product catalog.

Finally, in the top right-hand corner, you have access to the Support Centre, where our team are ready to answer any questions you might have. 

Adam Sales Layer Demo The Chat Support feature of Sales Layer