List of permissions and their meaning

In Sales Layer, you can manage multiple users and assign different permissions to them based on their role. Permissions are:

  • Manage products: Add, remove and update products.
  • Manage product families: Add and remove the families of products (sets of attributes).
  • Manage catalogue index: Add, remove and update sections/categories/collections and subsections/subcategories/subcollections (index of the catalog).
  • Manage points of sale: Add, remove and update points of sale/stores/sales reps.
  • Manage sales material: Add, remove and update folders with sales material.
  • Update product status e.g. draft/visible: Permission to change the product status to Draft/Visible/Invisible.
  • Manage images library: Access to the gallery/library of images.
  • Enhance images: Permission to request automatic photo edition through our partner ProRetoque.
  • Manage files library: Access to the gallery/library of files.
  • Manage translations: Access to the translations gallery to manage them in bulk. Also permission to add and remove languages.
  • Request automatic translations: Permission to request automatic translations of the content.
  • Manage channels: Access to the channels area to add, remove and update connectors with sales channels.
  • View recent activity: Area to track the activities performed by each user on Sales Layer. Also permission to recover Time Layer backups.
  • Quality report: Area to track the completeness of the catalogue.
  • Manage company: Manage information of the company like name, address or contact information.
  • Payment information (global): Manage billing, payments and invoicing of all the companies linked to your account.
  • Manage users: Add, remove and update permissions of users.
  • Manage other companies: Access to other companies. The permissions of the users are the same for all the companies.
You can only edit users that have lower authority than you.

Some examples

Intern, collaborator or similar

Role: Updating product content.


  • Manage products
  • Manage image library
  • Manage files library
  • Manage translations
  • Manage catalogue index (optional)
  • Manage sales material (optional)

Editor, marketing director or similar

Role: checking that the product content is complete and correct, decide which products are ready to be published and manage the team.


  • Manage products
  • Manage image library
  • Manage files library
  • Manage translations
  • Manage catalogue index
  • Manage sales material
  • Update product status e.g. draft/visible.
  • Enhance images.
  • View recent activity.
  • Quality report
  • Informe de estado
  • Manage company.
  • Manage channels (optional, depending on technical knowledge)

App and web developer or similar

Role: Connecting the PIM with sales channels.


  • Manage products (to check data)
  • Manage image library (to check data)
  • Manage files library (to check data)
  • Manage translations (to check data)
  • Manage catalogue index (to check data)
  • Manage sales material (to check data)
  • Manage points of sale (to check data)
  • Update product status e.g. draft/visible (to check/test API)

Agency, Enterprise Manager or similar

Role: Manage multiple companies, define limits and pay the service.


  • All the previous permissions
  • Payment information (global)
  • Manage users (global)
  • Manage other companies (global)

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