Other Features

Collaborative Tracking

Explore a functionality of Collaborative Tracking which provides better collaboration among various users by allowing them work together on the same item, sharing information and leaving comments efficiently.

Linking Patterns for Automatic Associations

In Sales Layer you can create linking patterns and establish bulk association rules for your images and files. This way, following the indicated pattern, the system will automatically link the images or files with any item in the Products, Variants, Categories or Sales Material table.

Importing Into a Table Type Field

The table type field involves a particular import that works through arrays. Basically, each row of the table that you create in the field will correspond to an array, as shown in the example below.

The Table Type Field

Sales Layer has a particularly versatile field which allows for the grouping of multidimensional information. TheĀ  table field is ideal for storing related data in a single field without having to create links to other tables such as those in Sales Material.

Table Type Field: Connectors

How to handle the formulas in connectors to carry out extraction and introduction of information on table type fields.