May 2023

Review how to use the edit mode when you are in an edit group.

April 2023

Sales Layer has a new and modern look! Find out more on this new update!

March 2023

Thanks to this new update our Instant Catalog comes full of news.

January 2023

Find out how to enrich your field Product description

November 2022

November brings a new important feature to Enterprise accounts: it allows you to create Validations in different fields. Find out more here.

October 2022

Find out what's new on our Workflows and Instant Catalog connector.

June 2022

June arrives with two important new features for Enterprise accounts that will make the work of your account users even more secure and controlled. Come in and find out what they are.

January 2022

Find out what's new on the platform at the beginning of the year 2022.

September 2021

Here you can find all the platform highlights included in the September update.

May 2021

The May update saw an outstanding feature added to the platform: the possibility of generating product sheets from our Intant Catalog connector.

February 2021

Find out the important innovations included in this Sales Layer update!

July 2020

Discover our latest 4 platform updates in July 2020!