Getting Started

Sales layer as a Saas

Sales Layer is a SaaS Service, which means that our tool is hosted in the cloud and that the service offered is the software itself.

The benefits of a PIM

Gracias al servicio PIM, ya son muchas empresas las que tienen un lugar central fácilmente accesible para consultar la información. Una una realidad útil y valiosa para la gestión de la información de su producto.

Importing Products (via Excel)

There are several ways to import products into Sales Layer, one of the fastest of which is by copying content directly from an Excel spreadsheet.

Importing Categories (via Excel)

Categories in Sales Layer help you to create a hierarchical tree-like structure which can be useful for organising your Products. Learn how to import categories in few steps using spreadsheet.

Importing Images

How To import images to your PIM account for products, categories, variants and library.