Parameterization of the Export

The export connectors allow the parameterization of the API's output behavior based on the status of the items in the different tables of the Sales Layer PIM.

Conector de exportación

Like the vast majority of Sales Layer connectors, it is possible to select the different locations enabled in the customer account to extract the translation values ​​of any fields that have been defined in the configuration as multi-language.

It is possible to configure different combinations of product status to be considered in the expulsion of API records: All, Visible, Visible + Draft, etc.

Also given the case of categorization we can decide whether to export those categories with related child records or not, remembering that this is combined with the states applied in the export. For example, a category with ten child products, all of them with their status set to “Draft”, will count as an empty category if you have selected to export only those items whose status is set to “Visible”.

Exportación de items con estado a solo “Visibles”

It is also possible to filter the content to be extracted from each table based on tags defined in the Cloud platform of the Sales Layer PIM, by family typologies, or even by conditional decisions via the application of formulas.