Sales Layer REST API Call Structure

(API Version: 1.18)

All API calls are made via the following subdomain:

To increase security, all calls will be made using a secure SSL connection, although the call can also be made openly if the client requires.

Sending request from the client

The client, when making a request for data to, must include the necessary parameters so that the query can be executed correctly. These parameters can be included in the URL itself using GET or in the body of the call using POST.

Mandatory identification and security parameters

Code Connector Relationship Code.
Time timestamp() (International POSIX datel)
Unique mt_rand() or rand() (Random security number)
Key SHA2 code with the combination of 'code' + 'secret_key' + 'time' + 'unique'

Note: The parameter  key should be called key256 when using SHA256.

These three parameters serve to ensure that the client making the API request has the necessary authorization.