General API Response Structure


Exact version of the API which generated the response.


Datetime value of the response.


Action to be performed with the data (update = update modifications, refresh = refresh all data, testing = indicates that an authentication test response is being received).


Variable that will contain, if it occurs, the error code generated. The errors are detailed in the section 'API error codes'.


Specific client configuration.


Indicates the field names of the data sub-matrices.


Saves descriptive information of the tables and each field.


Data matrix separated in tables


URLs of image packages (generated from the main sections) to be downloaded for offline mode.


List of related fields in exported items. Only available when "action"= "refresh" and if the connector has the offline mode active.


Page number. (Not shown in the absence of  pagination)


Amount of items per page. (Not shown in the absence of  pagination)


URL of the call to the next page. If the last page has been reached this field will be empty. (Not shown in the absence of  pagination)

The data of the sub-matrices contained in “data” will have a first status parameter to indicate if a record is new, updated or deleted. Its format will be: STATUS = M / D (M = modify, D = deleted). Example:

“data_schema”: [
    “{table name}”: [ 0: “STATUS”, 1: “ID”, 2: “name”, … ],
] ,
“data_schema_info”: [
    “{table name}“: [
        “{field name}”: {
            “type”: “{string|numeric|list|boolean|datetime|image|file}”,
            “language_code”: “{en|es|fr|...}”,
            “basename”: “'{field name without lang suffix}”,
            “sanitized”: “{field name to be used in the database}”,
            “sizes”: [
                “{extension}”: {“'width”:  {width}, “height”: {width} },
    }, ...
], ...
] ,
“data”: [
    “{table name}”: [
        [ “M”, 123, “section 1”, … ]

All the fields in the tables contained in [data] have the same mapping format except for the fields of type image and file which both have an array structure with the following parameters:

{n} = [ ← 'n' field related with an image or file

Gallery element 1:

    STATUS (M = modified , U=unmodified),
    ID (unique file identifier in md5 format),
    File URL (if it’s an image that belongs to one of the resized images),
    File URL (if it’s an image that belongs to one of the resized images),

Gallery element 2:

[ … ],


], ...

] ,