Other Modeling Parameters


Timestamp (POSIX date) of last data update. If this parameter is not sent, it is assumed that the entire complete catalog data structure should be returned, since the customer is either requesting to install data for the first time or completely refreshing their catalog. 

Note: any change in the channel will restart the last_update info so the changes are applied.

Version of the API  you want to work with. If this parameter is omitted, the latest version is assumed. In addition, relative sub-version values ​​can be indicated using the value 'x'. For example: version: 2.x

pagination Version 1.18 of the API exports pagination by default.
compression Boolean to indicate whether the response should be compressed or not. By default: 1 (yes as long as it is possible for the customer).
test Indicates that it is only necessary to verify the connection and authentication.
url_push URL for sending notifications of modifications from Sales Layer. 'disable' = deactivated.
group_category_id Boolean: By default 0, if set to 1, the API will return the multi-category products grouped together. If this parameter is left at 0, the API will return a product entry for each category associated with it, and will also return the result of multiplying each of these products by their respective associated formats, creating an id for the format which results from applying the combination of product id and format (we recommended always setting this parameter to 1)
group_category_delimiter Grouped multi-category value delimiter. (By default line break)
parents_category_tree Boolean: By default 0, if set to 1, the API will return the data of the categories belonging to the upper tree, for all those categories which saw a modification by themselves or a modification due to an associated product.
same_parent_variants Boolean: By default 0, if set to 1, the API will return, as modified, the data of all those formats that share the same parent product, when any of these variants have been modified.
get_file_references Boolean: By default 0, if set to 1, the API will return as indexes the names of the images or files instead of their hash code.

The modeling parameters are only taken into account for requests to the data output API (export connectors). They won’t be considered for data import.