Although not really recommended, it is possible to manage stock levels for a product or variant in Magento via Sales Layer. 

To do so, begin by filling in the Stock field in the product table and/or the Quantity field in the variant table. Afterwards, you will need to deselect the following option in the Product Parameters tab on the Magento connector:


So, if you fill in the fields within Sales Layer with values greater than 0, the product/ variant will be updated with in stock status. If the stock value is at 0, the option to manage product stock will be the same as the one configured in the store:


Warning: If a product has variants, you need to set the stock information in the variants and not in the product. However, sending Stock for the product will not appear in Magento, only in its variants. 

If you have the Avoid Stock Update option selected, the plugin will never intervene in the stock management fields.