The Sales Layer connector has a field called Image which is used to send images to Magento:


You can send all the images of the item thanks to this field, but they will be created with the roles already existing in Magento. For example:


If you want to associate one of these "roles" to a specific image, you must send the info using a new image type field in the connector with the name of the role type.

For example, the small tag in Magento is called small_image:


In the connector, create a new field associated with an image type field called small_image. In this way, using this field, you can send the image that you want to associate with the type of role.


In this example, in Magento we can see the images associated with the role, after sending Small and Thumbnail separately through the connector.

The image with Base and Swatch as a role is the image that we sent through the default field in the connector.

Warning: Magento allows only one image per post. If you send two images using the same field, only the first one will receive the role (that is why we see some free of role in the previous image).

Warning: In cases where ORG image clipping is sent, we advise against sending special characters to the image name to avoid processing errors. It also limits the number of characters of the image name to a maximum of 90.