Instant Catalog

Other Features

Sales Layer has an important feature which can be very useful for comfortably sharing product information. It allows you to quickly generate a small custom website, with the products that you choose and the fields that you want to include.

Generating these microsites is very simple. Simply go to the channels tab and choose an Instant Catalog type connector. Then in the Parameters tab, in addition to the general options that have been seen in other channels, we have the possibility of setting the URL for our microsite. If required we can also protect it with an access code, select whether the content should be indexed by search engines, as well as making the design more corporate by adding a company’s logo for the header.

IC Connector

Once this configuration is complete, we can configure the content we want to export in the same way as we would with other channels, configuring our fields, using formulas, to mold the content of our microsite. 

From here we can go to the Details tab to put the final touches on our site, such as: 

  • The page title. 
  • The Category Image field.
  • The fields available to the search bar. 
  • As well as enabling the option to generate orders, which for now are sent to the email address placed in the parameters.

Once this is all done, we can access the microsite via the URL we chose as soon as the site has been generated. Keep in mind that this operation, as well as any updates we may make, can take a few minutes depending on how many operations are currently being processed.

Instant Catalog Preview
Instant Catalog - Example​​​​​

In order to generate the Instant Catalogs, the system chooses the images according to their size. It chooses three sizes automatically. Small, Medium and Large. Keep in mind that in order for this to be ‘instant’ the customization is limited.

Additionally, Instant Catalog Lite is a feature for Premium accounts. The Enterprise option include extras like:

  • Password protection
  • URL customization
  • Order placing and management (right now the administrator receives an e-mail with the request)
  • Product Searcher
  • Search engine blocker. Your Instant Catalog won’t be accessible without knowing the URL (and password if selected).