From Sales Layer it is possible to set variants for each product under certain conditions. Above all, it is mandatory to set at least one attribute from the variants table of the connector. This attribute will need to be created and selected in the connector in Magento (See the Creation of attributes for products and variants section).

Furthermore, the same attributes must be filled in for variants of the same product, but with different values. This means, for example, that it is not possible to have one variant of a product with only 'size' selected, and another variant of the same product with only 'color' selected. Both products should have both 'size' and 'color', or only one of these attributes selected.


Version 2.X.X and above of our plugin gives the option to process Sales Layer variants as products in Magento, which means that the variants you have in Sales Layer will be synced as single products in Magento. 

To select this option in the Sales Layer plugin, you will need to set the following parameter to ‘Yes’:

variantes como productos

After selecting this option, the products tab in Output Data will automatically be hidden, and the existing product fields will be added to the table of variants. Additionally, filters previously placed on the products tab will be removed in order to avoid hidden filters, and to make sure that information is transmitted correctly.

Points to take into account regarding how the API works:

  • On initial synchronizations/connector refreshes, all products will be sent. 
  • When modifying a variant, all the variations will be sent by the connector parameters. If a product in Sales Layer has 50 variants, when modifying a variant, 50 will be synchronized.
  • When modifying a variant, the top-level parent element (parent product of the variant) will be sent. Therefore, if you want to send categories, we recommend changing the status and modifying them together with the variants you want to synchronize.

Points to take into account regarding the process:

  • All variant fields will be converted to product fields, including those that are multi-language.
  • As the product table is not active in the connector, filtering items will only be possible at category or variant level. 
  • Variants will be synchronized with the categories associated with their parent products. If the option to send blank categories is set to ‘Yes’, all the categories filtered by the connector will be synchronized, if it is set to ‘No’, only those categories associated with products with variants will be synchronized. 
  • Additional fields (for configurable attributes) will be changed to product attributes, but the operation in MG2 is the same.
  • The grouped product fields should have the following nomenclature on the variant tab: 'grouping_format_reference_X' / grouping_variant_reference_Xand grouping_format_quantity_X / grouping_variant_quantity_X. On reorganization they will be converted so that they can be processed as products.
  • The Sales Layer IDs for the variant will be changed to those of the product, so if the 'Process variants as products' option is disabled, either the existing products will need to be deleted, or the Sales Layer attribute values will need to be removed from the database. Otherwise the data will be overwritten when synchronizing, which could lead to duplication errors.
  • Variants that you wish to delete or modify will be converted into products to be deleted, in order to allow them to be disabled.