Attribute Creation


Sales Layer channel allows the configuration  of additional fields in the products and variants tabs:

item creation1

The product fields will be generated as additional product fields, and the ones belonging to variants, will be the configurable attributes.

In order to have an attribute as configurable, it must be created as a Dropdown, Visual Swatch or Text Swatch:

Item creation 2

 In order to show this Dropdown in the channel, the attributes need to be created in Magento as global:

item creation 3


When there are existent attributes in Magento 2:

Item creation 3

Their value will be added as a new option in the attribute, and will be generated as product/variant:

Item creation 5

The attribute needs to be assigned to the attributes set where the product/variants belongs to:

Item creation 6

Variants are required to have the configurable attribute chosen in Magento 2 configuration of the channel:

Item creation 7

In case the attributes are not generated when the sync begins, variants won’t be linked to its parent product.