V 2.2.3 

  • Added a system to assign rules for taxes (tax) to products and variants, through id or name.
  • Modification of the logs routing systems to a specific folder (“sl_logs”) inside “var/logs”) to avoid a reading overload in SL LOGS view at the plugin tab.
  • Added new fields:  length, width and height.
  • Fix: categories assignation modified to manual mode to increase performance
  • Fix: deleteOldUrls added, to avoid a non optimised function which causes an overload of the server resources, leading to blockages.

V 2.3.0

  • Added modifications described in version  2.2.3.
  • Fully refactoring of the plugin to increase its performance through a reduction of the Magento objects, accessing  the table structure directly to improve the time of synchronization (especially with big amounts of data) As important tools we have:
    1. The configuration option disappears from the indexers management. 


             From this version, the reindexation will always be applied through the modified item, updating directly into tables and, in case of complex structures, launching                   the reindexation per item only for that item.

             2. We deactivate the option to unlink elements.

Versión 2
  • Store views management is modified: in some cases it is necessary to update specifically some shops to, for example, keep its shop with its own language. For that purpose we have added new casuistics in the general parameters of the channel configuration.
  1. If we choose only All Store Views in the configuration, the synchronization will update both the parent shop (id=0) and all of their children Store View EN (id=1) e Store View ES (id=2). 
  2. If All Store Views is selected and one of its children, the synchronization will update the two selected ones.
  3. If we only select one of the children, for example, if one will be the only selected. It is important to know that, in this case, the  data info will not be shown in the admin as updated, as the parent shop will not receive the info.