Synchronization Tracking - Error Resolution

The Sales Layer plugin in Magento offers an option for sync tracking that allows you to check the whole sync process, displaying the different errors. To enable logging you will need to go to the plugin, select General Parameters and enable debug:


After debugging, you can view the data from the log viewer in the plugin, or in the files inside the var/logs/sl_logs/ folder in the Magento installation:



In the file listing you will find the general files with the trace of the whole synchronization:_debbug_log_saleslayer_{dia_de_sync}.dat, and a specific file for the errors generated by the synchronization,  _error_debbug_log_saleslayer_{dia_de_sync}.dat

Here you have an example of a message in the errors file:

## Error. SL ID: 24190 :  - Error creating the category, category parent not found.

It indicates that the element ID in Sales Layer could not be generated because the associated parent category was not found. As it could not be generated in Magento 2, its SKU is not known, so will you need to search for it in Sales Layer and correct the issue reported in the error message.