Important Notes about the Magento Connector



This tutorial has been prepared for a generic installation of our plugin for the e-commerce version described below. In this installation there are different circumstances that can have an effect, such as:

  • Channel configuration
  • E-commerce customization
  • Other previous installed plugins

As a result, you may be required to have an implementer with knowledge of both Sales Layer and this specific e-commerce channel.

On average, an installation can take between a day and two months depending on the following:

  • The implementers experience with Sales Layer
  • The complexity of the case (previous plugins, server etc…)
  • Customization
  • Data preparation

Sales Layer as a SaaS (software as a service) in terms of the installation doesn’t implement or support these kinds of integrations, but has specialized partners that can do so. 

For any installations we highly recommend:

  • To have a staging environment. This is required to ensure that the data synchronization works smoothly from Sales Layer into Magento (and in specific cases when there is data already in the account, that there is no data loss). It is important that the staging environment has the exact same configuration as the production environment.
  • The implementer has access to your production server as well. This way they can be involved in every step of the installation.


  • Any modification in the Sales Layer channel will send all the product information included in it (with the required time for the process).
  • Once the connection between Sales Layer and the e-commerce channel has been established, all the changes made in Sales Layer will be sent to the e-commerce channel. This means that, for example, if a status is changed to draft, the product will change in the e-commerce channel
  • The plugin connects with the e-commerce in a simple and generic way, taking into account its most vulnerable points and the different personal cases depending on the customers. It is important to know that the plugin may have difficulties when mapping the fields as required. Additionally, it is not possible to map fields created by third parties. Should any difficulties arise, please contact our support team directly.