First Steps:

Enter Import > Add New Connector

First steps

At the screen Connector Credential, add the credentials provided in the Magento channel configured in Sales Layer. Then, there are many sections where we can configure the synchronization:

  • In General Parameters  it is possible to choose auto synchronization mode and the Magento shops where we want to synchronize data.
  • In Category Parameters, it is possible to choose the root category (from this one we will synchronize the channel catalog) and other fields for the categories’ synchronization.
  • In Product Parameters there are options like  ‘Avoid stock update’. When activated, it won’t update the stock (just when it is created).
  • The option Product in previous categories determines if the product is associated with the imported categories, in a recursive way, until the first one.
  • Format Configurable Attributes with this option we will choose those attributes that will be used for the variants.

Note: the only option in this list that can’t be modified later is the “credentials” one.

Once the configuration has been done, click Save Connector to save the connector. 

Note: If the ID or private key are incorrect, there will be an error message.