FAQS / Preguntas frecuentes:

When synchronizing an e-commerce store, does it overwrite the existing data / duplicate them, or is it required to delete them first? 

The existing data won’t be deleted nor it is required to delete them first. To synchronize data, the system looks for a relationship between the ID of the existing item and the Sales Layer one (normally through an intermediate table, or generated attributes in the e-commerce store). In case that relationship exists, we update the data.

Otherwise (when there’s no such relationship), the system looks among the existing item containing the same reference or name and not assigned to one in Sales Layer. If the system finds it, it will establish the relationship and the data gets updated.

What  happens to  the product URL once its name is changed?

A.: If the product name is changed, the URL is changed in its e-commerce store. It will be needed to create a field in Sales Layer and map it in the channel with the name url_key.

How can we verify the sync process?

Right now there is no progress bar. It is possible to synchronize manually and check the message informing about the items to be synchronized.


Is it possible to have products in Magento without categories?

No, it is compulsory to have, at least, one category. Otherwise there will be an error message and the product won’t be synchronized.

What does    this error message mean: "The product with SKU 34601 and title: Epo-Tek® ET90-112-1 High Tg UV Cure Adhesive (3cc) couldn't be deleted because it is being used by another connector"?

It means that there is an attempt to erase a product from a channel which is included in another channel. It would be needed to erase that product from both channels and update them in both as well.

What are the indexers? How does Sales Layer control them?

They are structures created to help find the product info at the searcher. When a sync begins in  the Sales Layer channel, the indexers are stopped. Each item updated is automatically reindexed and, when the sync is over, the indexer's config is restored.

In case there is an existent external plugin (like Elastic Search) which can control Magento indexers (or when it is done through console), the indexers should be stopped in Sales Layer channel:


When I create attributes in Sales Layer, are they automatically created in the plugin?

No, all the attributes/fields created in Sales Layer need to be created first in Magento, and later mapped in the channel with the names assigned in Attribute Code.