The Cronjobs

To have the synchronization properly working, it is necessary to have Magento 2 with its cronjobs operative.

These crons are guided by the following rules:

  • The execution frequency is 5 minutes for data updating, 10 minutes for auto-synchronization of the channels, and 10 minutes for the indexers if they are activated.
  • The auto-synchronization cron will only import data if there is no pending data to be processed.
  • The channel can be synchronized manually, or establishing a period:

    This way, the channel will be automatically synchronized.

The Cronjobs

It is important to take into account: 

  • The channel will receive the information and will store it in the database temporarily to be progressively processed.
  • In order to know if there is still information to be processed, we can read the process logs, as long as they are activated. In case we synchronize manually, it will show a warning message with the quantity of items pending.
  • If there has been an error during synchronization, the system will try twice. The errors will be stored in a document in the Magento 2 logs folder, ‘var/logs’, and once the synchronization is finished, it will inform through the interface or through the logs.