Creation of Attributes for Products and Variants

The Sales Layer connector allows you to send additional fields on the product and variant tabs:

Creación atributos 1

For this information to be reflected in Magento, it is necessary to create the attributes corresponding to the fields beforehand, both for the products table and for the variants table.

The product form fields will be the additional product attributes in Magento, and the variants will be the configurable attributes.

Product attributes of any available type can be generated with a "Store View" or a "Global" scope.Configurable attributes must be generated as "dropdown", "text swatch" or "visual swatch":

Creación atributos 2

Furthermore, these must be created as global in Magento in order to see the drop-down list:

Creación atributos 2

Once the configurable attributes are generated for the variants to be created and linked with the parent product, the attribute must be selected in the Magento 2 connector configuration.


Creación atributos 4

If the attribute exists in the Magento shop, its value will be added as a new option within the attribute, and assigned to the product/variant:

Creación atributos 5

Warning: The attribute must be assigned to the attribute set that the product/ variant belongs to:

Creación atributos 6

If the attributes are not generated at the time of synchronization, the variants will not be associated with their parent product.

Moreover, it should be noted that global attributes do not permit different values for different shop views.