Categories and products


Categories and products will be imported in the root category as configured in the channel so this means the default root category has to be changed from the shop.

There will be two attributes created inside Categories and products:  Sales Layer Category/Product Identification and Sales Layer Category/Product Company Identification

Warning: These two attributes or their values can’t be modified or deleted, otherwise, the products would be created again during the next synchronization.

The first time a new element is created, there will be a search among the existing items without any other Sales Layer credentials. In the case that there are no results, they will be created.

  • If it’s a category, the search will be done by name. 
  • If it’s a product, the search will be done first by SKU. If no matches can be found, the search will be done by name.
  • Variants will be searched by SKU.

The SKUs are unique, they can’t be repeated. If there are any items with the same SKU, there will be an error message in the log.