Customer Success & Support extent

Customer Success Definition


The Customer Success team is responsible for ensuring your platform training, as well as, offering guidance so that you get the most out of Sales Layer. Its functions are the following:  

  • Guide on different integrations and refer to available documentation. If a more specialized service is required, your CSM will suggest official partners according to the project needs.  
  • Maintain you up to date on new platform features. All platform updates are also published in the corresponding section of our Support Center:
  • Assistance on technical or support issues where, if required, they will seek to prioritize it.  
  • Account’s upgrade characteristics. If your project evolves and you need a parameter change, whenever possible, they will provide you with the best offer.


Response times and form of communication

The response from the Customer Success team varies depending on availability between one and three work days. Customer communication is carried out via email and video calls scheduled for training, as well as, periodical checks.

Periodical meetings (usually quarterly business reviews) are held with the aim of monitoring your project to ensure that the project is developing according to the plan.

Out of scope:

  • Direct management into the customer’s account (managed services).
  • Setup of channels and direct implementations (web, e-commerce, etc.). 
  • Platform customization.
  • Support for third-party (non-Solution Partners) developers.


Account types

When signing a contract with Sales Layer you may have two different modalities:

- Direct customer: This means that the signed contract has been agreed upon with Sales Layer as a SaaS provider and the same is mentioned in the agreement conditions. Your package will include a Sales Layer CSM allocation for user training and account management (change of parameters, upsells, contract renewals, etc.), as well as, many support hours provided through the selected system depending on your PIM plan type.

- Indirect customer: This means that the signed contract includes a Solution Partner service, and the same, is mentioned in the agreement conditions. In this case, the Solution Partner acts as an intermediary between Sales Layer and the customer, who is responsible for customer management and user training. The partner will have direct communication with Sales Layer to manage any account-related matters such as change of parameters, upsells, contract renewals, etc. Your partner might be providing separate agreed services such as consulting, integrations, PIM setup, etc. where it will also provide the necessary support based on what has been agreed. Sales Layer will provide support to the partner for any queries related to the account.


Customer Support Definition


The Customer Support team has the technical knowledge and greater availability to respond to your inquiries, as well as, diagnose incidents and prioritize them according to their criticality.

The first and second levels of support will seek to ensure that you have at your disposal the necessary documentation resources for using the tool and that the platform functions appropriately.



Business hours: This means the regional hours of operation excluding national holidays. Business hours are between 8.00-18.00 CET.

Incidents: comply Critical, Major, or Minor as defined in the below section.

Support Center: This means the online documentation portal available at which is regularly updated with platform information. 

Response time: means the time from the submission of a Support ticket/Live chat until the first response of a non-automatic message.

Support services: This means the support provided via Support Ticket/Live chat according to the contracted plan. The plan will include many annual support hours available through the mentioned systems.



Sales Layer provides support services according to the contracted plan, which may be modified from time to time, without such modifications implying a decrease in the quality of the agreed service. Modification may occur to maintain our level of assistance and prompt reply. Your selected Plan includes training on the platform as well as project guidance but does not cover professional services such as consulting and integrations.

Additional services shall be provided by separately signed partner agreements. We can help to introduce you to a wide variety of official Sales Layer specialized partners.  

Each account has many hours according to its contract. They are deducted from the total in the most favorable way according to the following rules:

  • We will always seek to guide you to the Support Center documentation since the objective is for the user to be autonomous with the platform as a SaaS service.
  • Opening of conversation: a minimum of 15 minutes will be deducted.
  • Incidents are not counted as support hours. Therefore, they are not deducted from the contracted support hours.


Incidents classification  


  • Situations of data loss and the impossibility of recovery through the backup copies available on the platform
  • The client cannot access the PIM system and it affects all users
  • Risk that erroneous data ends up in e-commerce with a significant impact on the client's operations and no workaround is available  


  • Certain core functions of the platform are affected or disabled and the use is severely degraded


  • Core functionalities are not behaving as expected, while the incident has no major effect on the platform´s usability


In these situations, the risk will be evaluated by our support team and prioritized according to the nature of the incident.  

 Out of support  

  • The review of formulas custom-built by the client: we may only validate that the formula logic is functioning properly.
  • Integration with third-party services: only the validation that the data is being exported correctly through the connector is covered.
  • Assistance to issues caused by performance degradation due to the customer's Internet or server provider.
  • Use cases and custom modifications that are not within the scope of the general PIM operation documentation.


Support: Response time and format

Response times and format vary depending on the type of account contracted. First-time response refers to regional hours of operation excluding national holidays during business hours  

  • Enterprise accounts: The general first non-automatic response time is 2 hours, while the average is less than 5 minutes, and via chat during business hours.
  • Premium accounts: The general first non-automatic response time is 12 hours, while the average is less than 4 hours via the ticket/email system during business hours.
  • Starter or Connect provider accounts: Response time of less than 1 business day.
  • Accounts assigned to a Solution Partner: The contracted plan includes the support service through the selected Solution Partner, however, in some cases, you can contact us through the support ticket system available on the platform. Considering that the first level of support is the partner, response time may vary depending on the availability of our support agents.

Recommended user behavior when using the Live Chat or Support Tickets:

  • We recommend that you continue to Search at our Support Center first to find the answer to your question. 
  • If you cannot find what you are looking for, reach out to our Live Chat agents if you have it included in your PIM plan (available during business hours) or submit a Support Ticket enabled through the PIM platform system.
  • If your issue is more technical, then we recommend you file a ticket with us, so that, we can investigate accordingly and support you further.


Support handling

  • Responses to an open chat conversation/ support ticket will be provided during business hours (8.00-18.00 CET).
  • During a conversation, the time from query to live chat response might not be immediate as it will depend on the team chat queue as well as, on the investigation time required to find an answer to your question. 
  • First-time responses will be provided following the response times.

Sales Layer support performs the following actions for each inquiry:  

  • Redirects to our documentation if the inquiry is related to information available in our Support Center.
  • Perform diagnostic work: For Sales Layer to initiate diagnostic work, the customer must provide sufficient information on the following steps and expected results to be able to replicate the behavior.
  • Inform the customer if the described situation behavior is correct and according to our platform functioning.
  • If the concern is identified as an incident, the customer will be informed accordingly and the incident will be prioritized upon criticality.
  •  The support team will follow up on the progress and confirm incident resolution when released.