Our connection for Magento allows you to synchronize your catalog with your online store.

To set up the synchronization, first you need to install the package in Magento and then map the fields in Sales Layer.

1. Install the package in Magento

To install the package go to:

Admin –> System –> Magento Connect –> Magento Connect Manager | select: “Direct package file upload”

IMPORTANT: Once the package is installed go to:

System –> Manage Stores –> Main Website Store –> Root Category. Select Sales Layer as “Root Category”.

2. Create the connection in Sales Layer

Magento PIM Connection sync

Type a name for your new Connector, assign a private key (to secure data) and tap on “Continue”.

Map the fields of Sales Layer with the attributes of Magento.

There are some fixed attributes that are required to successfully synchronize. You can also add additional fields/attributes. To do so, make sure the name of the field in the central column, matches the name of the field in Magento.

3. Connect


Once everything is ready, go to Magento and type your connector ID code and private key.


  1. Todorov

    i install in magento 1.8.1 extension
    but when try to config in
    Catalog > Sales Layer no backend link
    fwhen click link from backend goto to frontend eror 404
    i get version 1.3

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