The benefits of a PIM

A PIM service resolves the usual headaches when managing product information, such as:

  • Its centralization in a single place, accessible from any terminal.
  • Easy editing, including translations and image management.
  • Communication with different media (web, e-commerce, print channels, etc).

The mere fact of having a central point of data reference, which isĀ  easily accessible, is already a very valuable utility for many companies when it comes to working with their product information.

The simplicity with which content can be inserted from previous systems (for example, importing via Excel), and the ease with which information can be shared using our different tools, makes it a key service for any company that has to manage catalogs with support information.

The PIM fulfills the central role in the management of product information.

You can collect (either automatically or manually) product information from an ERP, or CSVs, and export it to printed catalogs, websites and e-commerces.

Sales Layer operates independently from these additional tools, but since its presence is common, we underline the importance of having:

  • A project manager with a global vision of the structure
  • Tools managed by partners with experience with Sales Layer