To setup your product information manager, first log in at: cloud.saleslayer.com

Company Information


The first time you log in Sales Layer, your basic information will be requested.

Then the main setup of the app will start. This setup just takes 5 minutes and is as easy as 3 steps:

  1. Languages
  2. Product families
  3. Catalog structure


NoteThis information can be updated later from the dashboard.


First, start configuration:

  • Select the main language, or in other words, the language you normally use in the company.
  • Then, select the rest of languages you are planning to use.
  • Finally, click on “Next” or on “Product Families”.

Product Families


  • In this second step, you should enter the main product families. These are the product groups with different attributes (different detail sheets).
  • Finally, click on “Next” or on “Catalogue Structure”.


noteProduct families can be used to group different product types or different brands inside the same company. It’s important not to confuse them with the categories of the catalog structure or with individual products.


Catalog Structure

Third step. Customize the basic structure of your catalogue (tree/collections/series):

  • From left to right:Categories and subcategories.
  • From top to bottom: Other categories/subcategories on the same hierarchy level.
  • Finally, click on “Next” or on “Summary”.



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