Connectors: Formulas

Using Formulas with Channels

Sales Layer possesses a helpful tool for data transformation which can be used to modify the values of certain fields when importing or exporting information via channels.

The Set of Formulas

There are more than 50 different formulas which allow for modifications such as: transforming text, performing mathematical calculations, applying conditions based on a field’s value, and many others.

Field Keys

Field keys are the way each field from a table is identified when performing a function.

Empty Channel Fields with Formulas

Empty fields in a channel (the ones which are not linked to any field in the database) can be thought of as text fields which export the result of the formula they contain.

IF Statement

IF statements allow us to perform different actions based on the value of a field or other factors.

Using Relations between Tables

There are two types of functions to apply in the data import and export formulas depending on the result we want to obtain.

Replace From Table Formula

One of the most useful formulas in Sales Layer is the Replace From Table, a key when it comes to working with connectors and extracting content from one table to another.


Some additional notes regarding the use of formulas in connectors.