API allows us to extract from, and enter information to a Sales Layer account via third-party services, such as a web application, mobile app, data mining applications, and more.

Connectors and API calls with the Sales Layer PIM

For both the extraction and introduction of data to Sales Layer PIM using the Sales Layer API it is essential to have an Input connector or Output connector that acts as a regulator of the data exchanged.

Importing Data

Para poder importar / introducir datos mediante peticiones al API, es necesario configurar un conector de importación genérico en el lado cloud del PIM de Sales Layer.

Response to the Import Call

The import call will provide URL where you can follow the status of the import while it runs in a specific background.

Import Tracking URL

The import tracking URL provides the status and percentage of completion of the pending import.

Parameterization of the Export

The export connectors allow the parameterization of the API's output behavior based on the status of the items in the different tables.