Deleting items

The items sent to be deleted will be deactivated and unlinked from their Sales Layer credentials. This way, if later the product is moved into visible (as long as in the Sales Layer channel we have the option Export items with status with Only Visible), the product will be sent again, will be reassigned with its credentials and will be activated.

In addition to deleting elements, it is possible to control the state of an element through the connector, for example when you have to export all items, not only the visible ones. You can do it in the tab Products, by mapping the Product Status field in the connector.

To disable a product through the plugin, map the Statusfield (in the tab Products on the connector) with a Boolean type field (using the ‘false’ value), through a numeric type (with value 0 or 2) or through the text type (with the 'false' value, '0', '2', 'no', 'disabled' or 'disable'. 

On the other hand, you can activate a product by mapping it with the status “visible”, or using the boolean “true” value, a numeric type field with the value 1 or a text with the 'true' value, 'yes', '1', 'enable' or 'enabled'.