Sales Layer is built on a redundant system to prevent any data loss in case of hardware failure.

We currently use the best existing infrastructure (Amazon Web Services) to store our servers and data. Sales Layer generates daily backups of the database and our team stores these backups in two physically separated secure vaults.

Images and files are stored in RAIDS (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) of solid high speed memory disks. In addition, cache copies are generated in several continental nodes to speed up downloading at locations far from the original source.

Our control of malicious attacks utilises the firewall architecture and cybersecurity layers of AWS. In addition, customer passwords are stored in an encrypted form that cannot be decrypted.

To offer a more specialised service, we also offer Time Layer to our premium clients. Time Layer is a backup generation service integrated in the activity feed of Sales Layer.

Regardless of these systems, customers can download all their data in CSV format and all the archives in Zip files whenever they want.

Sales Layer is supported by a solid group of international investors to ensure its solvency. In the event of an unlikely trading cease, Sales Layer will provide a similar open source solution with a migration plan.

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